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the roads won't be a problem. a trace up toward rockville down through the district and maybe a couple inches la plata into st. mary's county, maybe calvert county. you get down towards charlottesville west of fredericksburg you'll fine 3 to 5 inches still primarily on grassy surfaces. temperatures are still above freezing. we are looking at a gradual changeover. you see the greens going to maggette as and white. white is snow. -- magentas and white. white is snowfall we're already seeing snow in leonardtown and points south. very little happening here in northwest d.c. even though you're seeing echos or radar returns. so south of town is where it's going to set up later tonight and again you could get a little burst of one or two hours of snow that could put down a couple inches on the grassy surfaces. charles county, st. mary's county, down towards fredericksburg. temperatures are falling. they're 34 down toward orange
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getting heavier snow that will bring colder air down, but still 39 in manassas, still 41 downtown, 38 in andrews, 37 in la plata. we'll come back, talk about what happens after this the storm goes to our south and why temperatures tonight could impact everybody tomorrow morning. guilty on all counts, that is the verdict in the case against the d.c. cop named richmond phillips. phillips is accused of shooting to death the mother of his child and leaving their young daughter to die in a hot car. just a short time ago a jury found phillips guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of both wanetta wright and their 1- year-old jalen. prosecutors say phillips killed them because he didn't want to pay child support. he'll be sentenced in march and face life in prison. president obama's proposal to require all gun sales to go through a background check has widespread support, even the majority of nra members liking the idea, but how would background checks be implemented on private sales? as peggy fox tells us, they're
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already required in several states where the seller and buyer simply meet at a licensed dealer and the dealer runs the check. >> reporter: virginia tech shooting survivor collin goddard has gone undercover at gun shows across the country to show how easy it is to buy high powered firearms without a background check. >> this is exactly the problem that we want to stop. >> we bought this gun just last year at a dale city gun show with no background check. >> reporter: omar samaha whose sister rima of killed at tech believes every gun sale needs a background check. >> two people can meet online go, into a parking lot and exchange cash for the gun. there's no record of the transaction and you're selling to whoever you want. >> reporter: background checks use the fbi's date base to prevent felons, domestic abusers, serious drug abusers or those dealed dangerously mentally ill by a court from buying a gun. since seung-hui cho slipped through the cracks, virginia
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has ramped up its policies. >> if someone fails a background check the state and local police are mobilized to investigate why there was a failed sale and last year in virginia alone it actually led to over 850 arrests. >> reporter: but still virginia and 32 other states do not require background checks on private sales. some gun stores like sharpshooters here in lorton will do a background check on a private sale. now they do charge $40 the seller first has to transfer the gun to the store before the background check can go through. while some gun sellers might be afraid to support universal background checks, mike collins isn't. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with background checks. i don't think most people have a problem with doing background checks. >> reporter: he is opposed to all the other gun control recommendations proposed by the president. in lorton, peggy fox, wusa9. >> now they used to have a one handgun a month law in virginia. lawmakers did away with that. these days you can buy as many
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guns as you want at a licensed dealer. for private sales it was difficult, if not impossible to enforce the one gun a month law. the hostage crisis in algeria is now over but not without the loss of some innocent lives. details are still coming in, but we do know algerian military forces finished their operation to free dozens of foreigners including some americans. all were taken captive by islamic militants who raided a natural gas facility. one of those hostages, a man from ireland, was speaking via telephone to an arabic tv channel as the rescue operation was going down. >> we're all wired up and the military are firing over the top of us. >> algerian forces did fire on the hostage takers. unfortunately some of the hostages were actually killed and others were wounded. a diplomatic source tells cbs news four americans got out of there. a teenage girl attacked walking to her school bus stop in ft.
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washington this morning near lourdes drive and hickory drive. the victim tells her dad a man grabbed her. they both fell over. she kicked her way free and got throughout. the suspect described as a black man 6 feet tall, late 20s to early 30s. call prince george's county police if you know who that might have been. now we are four days away from the inauguration, but before we can look forward to the big party let's take a moment to look back at the last one. did president obama deliver on the promises he made? bruce leshan takes a look. >> >> reporter: in the depths of the economic crisis the president who campaigned on hope reached back to the founders' belief that we, the people, have individual rights but that we are also in this together. >> the time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit. that all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. >> reporter: the dean of the university of maryland school of public policy is struck by
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how the struggle between collective responsibility and individual rights is still at the heart of so many of our political arguments. >> how much each of us as individual americans ought to be able to do whatever it is we want and how much collectively we have a responsibility to try to advance each other. >> we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises. >> here was a guy who promised to get beyond that nasty washington in fighting. it seems he didn't succeed there at all. >> we are now a more divisive nation than four years ago, split more deeply along fundamental divides. >> reporter: second inaugural speeches tend to be quickly forgotten with the exception perhaps of fdr's. 1/3 of the nation ill housed, ill clad, ill nourished and, of course, lincoln's with malice toward none, with charity for all. speechwriters say that the challenge for president obama will be to be short, focused
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and inspirational. >> the question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small but whether it works, whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. >> that's what his presidency is all about. >> reporter: the question for his second inaugural is whether he can unite america around that idea. >> if we refuse to let this journey end. >> reporter: bruce leshan, wusa9. >> with the congress and president still arguing about how to pay our debts and renew america, the stakes for the second inaugural are perhaps as high as they were the first time around. president obama apparently getting ready to get down this inauguration. he is releasing a play list with tracks performed by artist who will be taking part in the festivities including songs by stevie wonder, bee yawn say, usher and more. we've made it -- beyonce, usher
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and more. we've made it easy for you to find out about it. visit our website wusa9 is your home for all things inaugural. the coverage starts sunday morning at 11:30 with the official coverage of the swearing. in at monday we start at 4 a.m. and go until 7:30 p.m. and we're back with you again with a special one hour presentation with 9 news at 11:00 until midnight. we'll stream live coverage on our wusa9 app. you can watch it on your television and check it on your phone or ipad. 15 d.c. public schools slated to be shut down for good. it's part of a move by school chancellor kaya henderson which she says will save money and provide better education, but not everybody is buying in. >> reporter: i'm ko im in northeast. these protests are say they're still unhappy that 15 schools will close, 13 at end of this school year. the signs for help at this northwest d.c. elementary school can come down now.
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>> garrison is not closing. >> oh, really. i'm sure everybody will be excited to know that. i didn't know that. that's good. okay, good. so everything worked. we had little signs up and everything save our school. that's awesome. >> we're paying too much and offer doing little. >> reporter: today d.c. schools chancellor kaya henderson released the names. five schools were spared from the original 20 proposed closures. they were saved partly through partnership and also with hopes of high enrollment in the future. the chancellor says they'd save $8.5 million overall in savings from programming in the first year, but it doesn't add up for some in the community. >> to be certain schools down -- shutting schools down and closing schools down, it's a big concern because the thing of it is kids can't go to school in their neighborhood and have to travel across the town to go to school. it's not right. >> reporter: you can find the full list of the closed schools on our website in northeast ko im, wusa9.
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in tonight's health alert uplifting numbers from the american cancer society. a report released today shows death rates from cancer down 20% in the last 20 years. now in 1991 was the peak for cancer deaths, but since then lung, colon, breast and prostate cancers saw the largest drops in their numbers. those are also the most common forms of the disease. >> after that it's improvements in early detection of cancer and improvements in treatment of cancer. >> we like that good news, but keep in mind cancers of the liver, thyroid and pancreas are still on the rise. still ahead the story the whole world is talking about, that notre dame football star who claimed to be the victim of a cruel hoax. >> and another washington institution succombing to tough economic times, we'll tell you about the chain of local grocery stores, lo
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her advice was a newspaper mainstay for generations and tonight family and friends are remembering dear abby columnist pauline phillip. she died yesterday after a long battle with alzheimer's disease at age 94. it's a sad day for a lot of washingtonians as a local institution ends an era. the grocery store chain magruder has been in our town since 1875. today shoppers at the rockville store snatched up some bargains. that store and three others are up for sale. only the chevy chase store in northwest has already been sold. it reopened today with the old name but under new management. let's take a live look outside right now. the snow is starting to fall in our neighborhood. topper is right here after the break with a look what the we can expect. >> plus the head shaking story of that college football star who says he's a victim of a cruel hoax, but is it true?
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here's a live look outside, our michael and son weather cam, just a little bit of light rain downtown. most of the activity is south of town. still 41, winds still south, southeast at 3. winds will become northwesterly at 10 to 20 after midnight. that's going to really usher in colder air, too. here's a look again at our snowfall potential, a trace maybe around town, but any accumulation south of town, 1 to 2 , maybe 3 inches on grassy surfaces, higher amounts back
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towards charlottesville technically out of our viewing area. so the storm stayed south. temperatures aren't doing the storm any favors. even to the south still 38 in waldorf, 39 in old town, 38 fairfax and reston, 41 in college park and 39 in bowie. so here's a look at radar. you can see the greens changing to white. that's the rain transitioning into snow, the magenta is the transition and the white is snow. right here between charlottesville, extreme southern sections of charles county back into maryland is where the little band will set up for a couple hours tonight. it may look impressive for a while. here's the latest image, a little mixed activity around fredericksburg town toward charles county and even over into calvert and st. mary's county. it's beginning to turn over there. you may also have about an inch on the grassy surfaces, but a wet commute home about it, a
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conversational snow, accumulation on the grass primarily south and the only real problem tonight could be refreezing everywhere as colder air moves in. the good news is the winds will pick up. that might dry us out a bit. so tonight lows 26 to 32, snow ending before midnight mainly south, clearing and colder. temperatures 26 to 32, wind pick up northwest 10 to 20. 32 downtown, 29 in bethesda, 28 in fairfax and springfield. tomorrow morning gorgeous, mostly sunny and cold. the next three days everything is green. 39 tomorrow, cold but nice, chilly saturday, upper 40s, pretty nice, near 40 sunday, cold again, but that's a prelude to the real cold stuff here. inauguration arctic cold, temperatures in the low 30s, maybe a flurry, better chance of flurries tuesday holding in the upper 20s tuesday, low 30s wednesday, back in the mid-40s next thursday.
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well, it seemed to be a tragic love story and it prompted a nationwide outpouring of grief for a college football star, but now everybody is shaking their heads after it was revealed the much publicized story of manti te'o and his girl friend who died of leukemia was a hoax. here's the latest from new york. >> reporter: notre dame officials say they fully support star football player manti te'o who insists he thought he had a real relation ship with a woman. >> this is a very elaborate sophisticated hoax. manti is the victim of that hoax. >> reporter: when manti's grandmother passed away last fall and word spread his girl friend lennay kekua died hours later from leukemia football fans across the country got behind the football star. >> the last thing she said to me was i love you. >> reporter: the sports blog
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dead spin now says that girl friend never existed. >> 22-year-old stanford grad gets in a near fatal car accident, contracts leukemia and dies. that's a big tragedy. that's going to be written up somewhere. there was no death notice, no obituary, no announcement of her funeral. >> reporter: dead spin says a friend of te'o's is behind the hoax and does not rule out that te'o may have been part of the deception. but te'o released a statement saying he was duped into a fake online and phone relationship with a woman and that he is humiliated, but some question why he never corrected media reports that said he spent time with kekua in hawaii. notre dame officials say te'o discussed the hoax with them in late september before the national championship game with alabama. the school said it decided not to contact police saying it left that up to te'o. >> well, dead spin has located the woman pictured as te'o's girl friend in an online photo and she says she never had
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leukemia and does not know manti te'o. tonight it is part one of oprah's much anticipated interview with lance armstrong where he's expected to admit that he used performance enhancing drugs. we'll have the highlights coming your way at 11:00. now we're back after this.
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in the mailbag tonight it is john versus john on the issue of gun control and the president's policy of prescriptions for cushing mass shootings. first up john -- curbing mass shootings. first up john from chantilly. i know the first mantra is to protect children and this is supposed to be the first step. the major problem is these first steps are not dealing with the hearts and minds of people before they become mentally ill. these first steps are not dealing with the run of the mill criminals who kill more people each year than these recent mass killings combined. these first steps are not dealing with the media onslaught of violence in games, tv shows, movies, et cetera. these first steps, though, are curtailing the ability of law abiding citizens to exercise their second amendment rights but john from lorton, virginia, says the second amendment is a big deal but it is not the only deal. today americans can purchase
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almost any kind of weapon and ammunitions as long as they don't have background problems. despite this the nra is jumping up and down about any kind of restriction disputing the reasonable approach proposed. background checks probably will work, but the nra is hell bent on preventing any restrictions whatsoever which will keep us from doing anything about this problem. again whose side are they on anyway, guns no matter what? grow up. and then one final word on lance armstrong from our good friend deb in arlington who says we use public people in all areas as our heroes and when they fail us, we get disappointed. personally i think the heroes or heroines in one's life should actually be in their how and not public figures and/or celebrities, sports figures, et cetera, false idols, you know, just saying. the address every day is that is our report.
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i'll be right back here at 11:00 with anita and topper along with whatever snow might be coming our way. log on any time you like to we'll could he you a bit later. bye -- we'll see you a bit later. bye bye. ♪ [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." as in creamy yogurt down below. and a delectable, aromatic layer of blended fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. yeah, i dated a comma in high school. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
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i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. new information on the notre dame girlfriend hoax. >> was it inspired by a hollywood movie? >> i lost my girlfriend that was the hardest thing in my life. >> the star player, the online love he lost to leukemia and the lie. >> this is a story everyone's talking about. >> what e.t. just learned about the deception. and the story's connection to the movie and tv show catfish. >> the internet can be a dangerous place. inside leann rimes sex life with eddie cibrian. >> have you seen him? it's whatever time whatever time of the day. >> will their relationship last? >> nancy o'dell's news making interview and the real reason leann went to rehab. >> everyone thinks they've revealed so much about me.

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